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It is Anweiler Real Estate, Inc’s policy to protect the confidentiality of information concerning our clients and their business with our company. The following statement describes our privacy policy concerning the collection, disclosure and protection of our client’s personal information.


Most of the information we obtain is collected directly from you, the client, when you provide information as part of the application process or when you file claims for benefits. We may also collect information about your transactions with us or our affiliates and others to assist in evaluating requests for insurance and benefit claims and to process transactions which you have initiated or requested, or for other business purposes.


We may share information among our affiliates in order to provide you with better service. We may share information with third parties when we believe it is necessary to conduct our business, assist us in providing business services such as helping to evaluate request for insurance or benefits, performing general insurance activities for us or assisting in the processing transactions which you have requested. We may also disclose information for audit purposes, to help prevent fraud, to law enforcement or regulatory agencies or consumer reporting agencies, or as otherwise permitted by law. We do not share medical or health information unless you have authorized us to release the information for services you have initiated.


We restrict access to your personal information to authorized personnel who need the information to provide services related to your policy and transactions with us. Physical, electronic and procedural safeguards are maintained to protect your personal information from being accessed by unauthorized persons or entities. Any organizations which assist us in providing business services are required to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information and not utilize that information for any other purpose.


When you log on to our website, your IP address and server information are automatically inputted into our website statistics. Your IP address is used for other purposes. It is not used to contact you in any way.


Our site uses cookies to keep track of your preferences and to deliver content which is specific to your interests.


Our registration form requires contact information such as name, email and postal address and demographic information such as income level, age and zip code. THis information is used to contact the customer when needed.


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